Do you have a storefront that people can shop in?

I am in the process of developing a store front, so people can come out to look around or try on their clothes in person.
However, I already do allow others to come to look around. If you do want to view items in person, just message me to set up a good time. 

Do you restock on all of your popular items?

I will no longer be restocking as much as I have. However, keep a lookout on socials if I do decide an item needs restocked I will announce it.
There are a select few of items I will continue to restock in including “The Nadia.”

What is your return policy?

We are a small business, so we will make mistakes here and there. If we send you the wrong size or wrong item.
We will pay for shipping to us and the correct item back to you.
If the item is stained or damaged in any way, we will also take part in paying for shipment to and from us.
On the other hand if an item does not fit or you do not wish to keep it, you will be responsible for shipping payment.
There is a feature to return items back now. 

What does shipping look like?

We use USPS as our shipping method. However, in the case you are getting a hat or any other larger item, we have used UPS for the shipping method.
The turnaround time is about 3-5 business days, but that also depends on your location.
I want to get your item to you as soon as possible, but this is a one woman show, so I have a lot to juggle.
If you absolutely need your item super quick, let me know and I can get a quicker shipment to you. 

Do you sell wholesale?

This is a retail store only and we do not sell wholesale products. 

Where are your clothes made?

All of my clothing comes from the United States. A majority come from states including Texas and California. 

Where are you located?

This small business is located in northeastern Colorado with the address in Snyder, Colorado.
We have been online and attend many markets.
We will continue to do so, but are currently working on a brick and mortar in our family's barn on our ranch.
We also hold an annual Christmas Market in December with other local vendors coming as well. 

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